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#1 06/08/2022 11:07:00

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dnf config-manager

I am looking for information on the configuration of the display of the result of DNF commands. In the doc there is dnf config-manager which with the addition of --dump displays a lot of information and in particular the display colors according to the dnf commands.
I would like to modify some colors but acting in the file etc/dnf/dnf.config does not give the desired results.
My question is where is the information given by the --dump command written and can it be modified.
the dnf and config-manager docs allow adding fepots etc.. but for the display settings...
it's not important but I would like to know a bit more.

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#2 06/08/2022 11:52:02

Accro à Fedo !
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Re : dnf config-manager

Bitte dieses forum ist nur für franzözich verspracht. Verstanden ?

C'est pas parce que c'est difficile qu'on n'ose pas,
c'est parce qu'on ose pas que c'est difficile !

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