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Just installed my first flatpak applications, have to say I'm pleasant

One of the reasons I moved away from Ubuntu is because they are pushing these SNAP packages, which aren't ready for primetime and do not respect user themes. Loving Fedora 31 Workstation, I decided to try and install a flatpak app (Spotify) since it was the easiest way to get it and I was planning on resubscribing to Spotify in the coming days for a little bit more musical variety.
When I went to install it, I did it as GUI heavy as possible, first enabling the Flathub repository in GNOME Software using the GUI, and then installing the Spotify flatpak. Installing took quite a long time and with no feedback as to what was happening, I was a little worried that it wasn't working properly. Also the actual page in GNOME Software for Spotify looked a little weird and some of the information was missing. Anyways, I got it installed no problem.

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Re : Just installed my first flatpak applications, have to say I'm pleasant

Merci de la refaire en français, car ici c'est le forum de la "communauté francophone de Fedora".

Tu as celle en anglais ici http://fedoraforum.org/ si tu veux parler dans cette langue.

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